Who We Are

Founded in 2016, HF Asset Management Limited (HFAML) is a Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) licensed Asset Management company that primarily engages Fund Management and Corporate Advisory Services.

HFAML offers global standard investment management combined with local expertise to our institutional and individual clients through both open-end and closed-end Mutual funds, institutional portfolio management. HFAML also offers Corporate advisory services by providing optimum capital structure solution to the Bangladeshi companies and arranging fund from both local and overseas sources for local companies.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision: To become the most respected company in its sector in Bangladesh.

Our Mission: To provide attractive returns on investment and capital appreciation keeping the highest standard of services to the community through innovations and efficient asset management.

Our Culture

Our culture is a reflection of who we are as organization and people of the Organization. This is the reflection  of our founders and top management, like them, it guides us everyday. We believe in the culture of the "free to think of  build unique and exceptional". People work best when they’re free to pursue and express their conviction.

This 'free think' attracts  dynamic individuals who want to pursue their passions and interests and we help them  to convert their dream into reality.

We believe in non-hierarchical workplace where everyone has access to every level of Management.

We encourage honesty and discussion. And we organize and empower our teams to inspire diversity of perspective.

Our Objective

• Generate satisfactory return with management’s target to keep the return above sector average on all of its investments.
• Attain significant market share and mark-up on share value without compromising service quality and governance.
• Maintain diversity, innovation and research for product development and operation.
• Contribute to Bangladesh Government’s mandate to develop capital market.
• Provide unique, innovative and trustworthy solutions for both Capital Market & Money Market instruments.
• Provide education, training and counseling to the employees and investors.

Why Us

Our Approach makes us Unique

We believe that our Clients are the greatest asset of us and we continuously help our clients through tailor an investment strategy to meet their objectives by bring market experts, unique ideas and unique investment strategies.
We strive to anticipate and evaluate Capital market trends that may impact client objectives. Our investment framework is rigorous and repeatable, entailing:
• A clear investment philosophy
• A focus on longer-term valuations and risk-adjusted performance
• In-depth research and analysis to support investment decisions
• Risk based portfolio construction and generating return as per client requirement

Board of directors

Mr. Hafizur Rahman Khan - Chairman

Mr. Hafizur Rahman Khan

Mr. Hafizur Rahman Khan has extensive knowledge and rich background in business, economy and social activities. He is the Chairman of Runner Group, one of the successful business conglomerates in Bangladesh. He has been involved with multi-dimensional business and Capital Market affairs for more than three decades. He has set several milestones in the field of business. For his valuable contribution to the National Economy, he has been awarded CIP by the Government of Bangladesh. Mr. Rahman did his Masters in Management from Rajshahi University and attended different training and seminars at home and abroad.

Mr. Md. Fayekuzzaman - Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Md. Fayekuzzaman

Mr. Md. Fayekuzzaman, MD & CEO of HFAML is a renowned personality in the capital market of Bangladesh. He led the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB), the largest investment bank in the country as Managing Director/CEO, for about six years. He also worked as the Deputy Managing Director Agrani Bank Limited. Mr. Zaman has more than 30 years of valuable and leadership experience in the money and capital markets, covering investment banking, commercial, Islamic and development banking, merchant banking and asset management. He has experience in teaching, research and consulting in local and international bodies. He was Chairman of Demutualization Committee of Dhaka Stock Exchange and worked very effectively for the stabilization of Share Market Debacle of 2010-11. Mr. Fayekuzzaman did his Masters in Management from Rajshahi University and Post-Graduation Studies on Development Banking from Braford University, UK. He also attended Leadership Program at Cambridge University, UK and Leadership Essential Program at the Columbia University, USA. He had been directly involved in establishing more than 2000 local and regional financial projects.For regional development, he worked for South Asia Development Fund (SADF), which was created at the initiative of the Heads of Governments of SAARC nations to support e joint venture projects of SAARC countries. He has promoted hundreds of companies though Equity and Entrepreneurship Fund (EEF), a flagship program of GOB, created several hundreds of investors and brought many IPOs in the Capital Market.

Mr. Md. Mozammel Hossain - Director

Mr. Md. Mozammel Hossain

Mr. Md. Mozammel Hossain, Director, did his Masters in Marketing from Dhaka University. He has been with the Runner Group since 2000 as Vice Chairman of all the companies of the group including Runner Automobiles Ltd, Runner Motors Ltd, Runner Bricks Ltd, Runner Properties Ltd, Runner Agro Products Ltd, Runner Oil & Gas Ltd, Runner Trading Ltd, Runner Time Watch Media Ltd, Zyle Daewoo Bus Bangladesh Ltd. He has 33 years’ experience in Corporate Sector, Money and Capital Markets. All his companies have shown tremendous growth under his dynamic leadership. He is also actively involved in social and cultural activities.

Ms. Munira Begum - Director

Ms. Munira Begum

After obtaining her Masters’ degree from the University of Dhaka Ms. Munira Begum involved herself in small businesses and socio-cultural projects. She has more than 25 years of experience. She has been involved with HF Asset Management Ltd as Director since inception of the company.

Management & Executive Team

Mr. Md. Fayekuzzaman, - Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Md. Fayekuzzaman,

Mr. Md. Fayekuzzaman represents the top management of HFAML as the MD & CEO. He is the topmost authority in HFAML and actively supervise all the corporate activities. Mr. Zaman is also one of the members of HFAML’s Board of Directors. To learn details of Mr. Md. Fayekuzzaman, please read the profile of Board of Directors of HFAML.

Mr. Nazmul Islam - Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Nazmul Islam

Mr. Nazmul Islam has over 32 years of experience in Investment Banking and Portfolio Management. He served the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) as the Deputy General Manager. He was also CEO of different corporate bodies of Bangladesh. Mr. Islam has specialization in planning and forecasting, project appraisal and management, securitization, stock analysis and portfolio construction and management, bond/securities pricing and valuation. Mr. Nazmul Islam is a Science graduate. He is a qualified intermediate cost & management accountant from the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB).

Mr. Shihab Alam Khan - Manager, Portfolio Management

Mr. Shihab Alam Khan

Mr. Md. Shihab Alam Khan has more than 8 years’ experience in capital market operation and research related work. He completed his MBA in Finance from University of Dhaka. He holds BBA Degree from East West University with a dual major in Finance & Economics. Currently, he is acting as the Portfolio Manager in HFAML. He has specialized knowledge on fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, financial modeling and projection and managing equity portfolio of the company. Before joining HFAML, he worked as a Portfolio Manager in Quayum Securities Limited for about 1.5 years. Before joining Quayum Securities Limited, he worked as a Senior Executive in HF Asset Management Limited for about 1 year. He also worked as a Senior Officer in Portfolio Management Department of PLFS Investment Limited for about 1.5 years and in Assurance Asset Management Ltd. as an Investment Analyst for about 2.1 years. He started his career as Junior Analyst in Unipex Consultancy Limited and worked for about 1.3 years.

Mr. Md Mohiuddin Miah - Senior Executive, Accounts

Mr. Md Mohiuddin Miah

Mr. Md Mohiuddin Miah has more than 6 years’ experience in Accounts, Audit and Tax related works. He completed his CC from ARTISAN, Chartered Accountants. Mr. Mohiuddin has specialized knowledge on fundamental and technical analysis of Accounts, IAS, IFRS, and Accounting Software as well as supervising and finalizing audit, taxation and accounting procedures of organizations and corporate financial matters. Before joining HFAML, he worked as a Manager in ARTISAN, Chartered Accountants for about 2.4 years.

Ms. Sumaiya Afroz - Senior Executive, HR & Admin

Ms. Sumaiya Afroz

Ms. Sumaiya Afroz has more than 03 years’ experience in HR & administration. After completing her MBA in HRM from Bangladesh University of Professionals, she joined HFAML in 2018. Currently she is working as Sr. Executive in HFAML.

Mr. Fazlul Gani Mazumder - Executive, Accounts

Mr. Fazlul Gani Mazumder

Mr. Fazlul Gani Mazumder has been working in HFAML since January 2020. He has almost 07 years’ experience in the field of accounting and has knowledge in preparing financial statements and managing accounting software. Before joining HFAML, he worked in Spark Vision Private Limited for five years as Executive (Accounts). Mr. Mazumder has an MSc in Mathematics.

Our partners


Runner Automobiles Ltd. (RAL) is a motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh. Runner manufactures 12 different motorcycles ranging in size from 80 to 150 CC, Runner has become the market leader in sub 100 CC motorcycle segment in the country. They are offering different motorcycles of various capacities and models Investment Corporation of Bangladesh.


Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) is a statutory corporation of Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, established on 1 October 1976 under No. 40 of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh Ordinance, 1976. It is mainly an investment bank operating in Bangladesh, established to accelerate the pace of industrialization and to develop a sound securities market in Bangladesh. ICB is one of the largest investors in share market of Bangladesh. Investing in share market, providing loans and advances, acting as manager/trustee/custodian of mutual funds are some of the main activities of ICB.

BRAC Bank Limited

BRAC Bank began its journey unlike any other conventional bank. The visionary founder of the bank realized that the previously neglected Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector plays a significant role in generating growth and creating employment in the country. Over the previous decades, traditional banks were reluctant to invest in this sector. At a time when it was almost impossible for SME entrepreneurs to get financing from the banking sector in Bangladesh, BRAC Bank stepped forward to help these unbanked SME entrepreneurs and continues to provide financial support to them.

Today, the bank has grown into a dominant player in the industry with 186 branches, 16 Premium Banking Lounges, 447 ATMs, 90 CDMs and 457 SME Unit Offices across the country. With a team of over 6,500 employees, BRAC Bank caters to more than 1,500,000 customers through its diversified range of SME, Retail and Wholesale Banking solutions.

The ACME Laboratories Ltd.

The ACME Laboratories Ltd. is a leading company for manufacturing world-class and top-quality pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh. The Company is currently producing more than 500 products in different dosage forms covering broader therapeutic categories which include anti-infective, cardiovascular, antidiabetics, gastrointestinal, CNS, respiratory disease etc. among many others. The success in local market prompted the company to explore the international market and over the years they gained a firm presence in South East Asia, Africa and Central America and continuously discovering new horizons to improve the quality of life for patients, to further the success of our customers and to help meet global challenges. Through the outstanding knowledge, professionalism and commitment of more than 7000 employees, ACME is consistently building upon our facilities, capabilities and also portfolio to meet the growing health care needs.


  • October 07,2018 Subscription of Second Fund i.e; HFAML-ACME Employees' Unit Fund has been started

  • From November 20, 2017 Subscription of First Fund i.e; HFAML Unit Fund has been started

  • January 19, 2017 Received Asset Management license from Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC)

  • June 7, 2016 Incorporated as a Private Limited Company