Systematic Investment Plans

We are always in a quest to inculcate healthy habits for our well-being. So whether it is eating an apple a day, following a strict work-out regime or having a healthy meal, we leave no stone unturned to stay healthy. However, did you know that there is one Wealthy Habit that you can follow to ensure you financial well-being! It is the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Benefits of "SIP"

"SIP" Vs other capital market investment

"SIP" Investment Other Capital Market Investment
Uncomplicated & largely automated Either gambling or investment for research
Small amount of fund required Lump sum funds require
No need to time the market Market timing is important for gain
Minimized average cost per unit Cost of investment depends on market timing
Simple way to create long term wealth Trust your Luck!

Key Features of "SIP"

"SIP" Investment Other Capital market Investment
Who Can Invest under SIP? Any Individual and General Public can invest in this fund through SIP.
Sale of Units through SIP An investor can invest through SIP either by auto debit system provided against investors’ bank account or by providing cheques via AMC or Selling Agents at the regular interval which he/she mentioned in the Application Form. An SIP Investor must have a BO account. Units will be credited to SIP investors BO account at a discount of Tk. 0.10 per unit from the ongoing Weekly Sale Price of the unit as decided by AMC.
Limit of Unit Purchase Under SIP, there will be no minimum lot size. However, any fraction of installment amount remaining will be converted when it sums up to one unit.
SIP Tenor The scheme is offered for at least 2 years or any other period set by AMC. However, investors can set SIP scheme for 3 years/5 years/ 10 years. It is advisable to continue SIP investment with a long term perspective but there is no compulsion. After this time period the individual scheme will be matured and SIP holders may surrender or continue, after maturity, according to his/her new option. No fees/charges will be charged on surrender.
Interval for investment under SIP Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows an investor to invest a certain pre-determined amount at a regular interval: weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly.
SIP Termination An SIP investor can terminate his/her SIP in any time. If an investor wants to terminate the SIP before 2 (two) years, 1% discount from the repurchase/ surrender price will be applicable on total accumulated invested amount on the date of cancellation of the scheme.
CIP option for the SIP investors Any SIP investor can choose either option of cash dividend or cumulative investment plan (CIP) or mix of both. If an SIP investor chooses CIP (i.e. dividend reinvestment process) instead of cash dividend, he/she will also enjoy CIP units at a discount on prevailing sale price used for CIP conversion. After CIP conversion, they will get dividend on total number of unit in the next year.

Our "SIP" Scheme

Name of Fund Fund Type Fund Sponsor Download Form
HFAML Unit Fund Open-end Growth Mutual Fund HF Asset Management Limited Download
HFAML-ACME Employees' Unit Fund Open-end Growth Mutual Fund ACME Employees' Provident Fund Download

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